Size (mm):
Color: Chestnut
Watch Strap
18mm 20mm
Buckle 16mm 16mm

100% Made in Italy, the strap is entirely realized according to the Italian manufacture tradition.
This watch strap has been made of ostrich grain leather for luxury classic and sporty watches. Thanks to this top-quality leather, the case and the face of the watch are enhanced without affecting the aesthetic style of the timepiece.
The texture variety of our watch straps proves the genuineness of the ostrich grain leather.
The calfskin genuine leather lining is hypoallergenic and transpirant.

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  • Watch strap length: longer piece 12cm; shorter piece without buckle 7,5cm
  • Thickness: 3 mm

Available lengths and sizes

To find the best strap for your watch and your wrist, you first need to know the different lengths and sizes available. Follow the steps below:


1. Width of the lug

To know the width of the lug pin of your watch, measure with a ruler the distance between the two lugs, the protruding ends in the upper and lower part of the watch to which the strap is attached.


2. Lenght of the strap

For optimal use of the watch, it is essential to purchase a strap of a length suitable for your wrist. Measure the length of the last strap that felt comfortable.


3. Size of the buckle

All our straps are supplied with a stainless steel buckle, normal or satin finished depending on the model, on which the ColaReb® logo is engraved. If you wish to use the buckle of a previous strap, for example, the one supplied with the watch, compare the size of your buckle with the one in the descriptions of our products.


4. Thickness of the strap

From an aesthetic point of view, thin or flat watches are better matched to thin straps, while robust and large watches require a thicker strap for better ergonomics and a more homogeneous design.

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