Welcome to the ColaReb custom strap creation page!

Our passion for craftsmanship and attention to detail extends to our custom strap service.

Each ColaReb strap is a testament to our commitment to quality and the artisan spirit of Italian craftsmanship.


Customization process:

    1. Select the model: start by choosing your favorite strap model from our range of leather and Animal Free material options. You can do this at this link and then come back here.
    2. Choose the lug width: customize the lug width to fit your watch perfectly. Choose from widths ranging from 16mm to 24mm. The custom strap are available with the standard springbars (not quick release springbars).
    3. Select the strap length: we understand that a comfortable fit is fundamental. Choose from our standard, short, or XL length options to suit your wrist size.
    4. Choose the color of the buckle.
    5. Choose the color: Each model is available in various colors. Select the one that resonates with your style from those available in the chosen model and complete your watch.


All custom orders have an additional cost of €15 compared to the standard price of the chosen model found on the website. This fee covers the personalized attention and craftsmanship invested in your unique strap.

Confirmation process:

Once we receive your custom order, our team will contact you via email to confirm the details (final price and shipping), payment methods via PayPal or credit card. 

Once the payment has been made, we will proceed with the creation of your custom ColaReb strap.

The production process of the custom strap will take about 4-5 weeks.


Thank you for choosing ColaReb. We are excited to create a strap that not only matches your watch but also reflects your personal style.

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