A watch strap made with Paper?

Ciao, it’s ColaReb here and today we want to start a new series of posts where we ColaReb talk about our straps and our new releases.

If you don’t know us we are a small Italian company and we design and produce straps for watches. The materials and the production is 100% Made in Italy and we are very proud of this.

So let’s get to the special guest of today’s post.

Today we would like to talk about a new release belonging to our Animal Free collection. This strap is called "Carta". Carta in Italian mens "Paper" and yes this amazing strap is made with paper. It is created from a technical cellulosic material that is patented in Italy. A special cellulose fiber paper.

It is resistant, flexible, recyclable and animal free. This cellulose comes from forests that are certified by international organizations.

What we can say more is that, due to the fact that we are talking about an Animal Free strap, the lining is apple peel, breathable and hypoallergenic.

The longer piece is 12 cm and the shorter piece is 7,5 cm. 

This strap comes in five beautiful and bright colors: red, blue, orange, green and brown.


We paired it with some of our watches and it looks really good, like with our Rolex GMT Master II. 

You can shop this strap here at this LINK

In case you do not know our Animal Free collection we invite you to visit it at this LINK.

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